Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Half way.

(Miqui Brightside)

It feels like this year has gone by way too fast! It is June already! How did that happen? Normally when it gets to this time of the year I start getting a bit frantic and start thinking about all the things I still want to get done before the end of the year. Is anyone else like me that always procrastinate and think oh I can do that tomorrow, maybe even next week and before you know it, it's JUNE!

So I thought, okay, great time to reflect and think back of the things I did actually manage to get done! That way atleast I can feel a bit better about it being half way through the year already:

♥ Celebrated three years of blissful marriage (yay!).
♥ Did a week long camping trip in the Hawke's Bay.
♥ Adopted the sweetest little bunny, she's our little darling.
♥ Started working as a Graphic Designer for the best place in the world.
♥ Enjoyed a night out at the Diana World Tour.
♥ Went to Fiji for my brother's wedding.
♥ Met baby Eli. (yaaaay!)
♥ Witnessed my brother in law propose to my friend.
♥ Got a DOT COM.
♥ Feels like I am getting better at reading more books. Done three so far haha!

Sigh. Oh that feels better :) What are your top memories of 2011 so far?
So many more to be had!


  1. Lots of wonderful things have happened!! xxx

  2. Can't believe we are halfway through too! You've done some amazing things, looks like 2011 is a wonderful year for you! So far this trip is topping my list.

  3. I know! I simply can't believe it's already June! It looks like lots of exciting things have happened for you so far! A few things that have happened to me: graduated high school, got a job, picked out a good University to attend in the fall, and got a car! Big adult things! Eeek!

  4. Can't believe it's June either, this year is flying by. Sounds like you've had a great few months :) xx

  5. Becoming a mother, buying a house, nesting with my wee whanau. Hands down already the best year of my life!

  6. oh yes, I do that too! How is it half way over laready? great list :)
    Pepper x

  7. i certainly put things off... and then i remember a fortune cookie i got once

    "never put off til tomorrow the things you can do today"

    it's a really good rule to attempt to live by.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I'm your newest follower :)

    Please have a look at mine...


  9. I can't believe it's June already!


  10. lovely post :) You have really done some amazing and fun things his year so far

    Murphy xo


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