Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Brian W. Ferry)

Time for an update me thinks! The last few weeks I've had so many things rushing through my mind, this is kind of way just to clear my head and also let you know what's happening with me.

Currently I am...
Reading Love Wins by Rob Bell
Listening to Eisley & The Honey Trees
Watching Survivor (guilty pleasure!)
Drinking Chai, chai, chai all the way!
Eating a lot of homemade soups
Trying to make more interesting dinners (cut out every single recipe that I've had in magazines)
Saving for the husband and my overseas trip next year (destination TBC hah)
Wanting the snow season to start already
Wishing there was more time to go road tripping with friends
Loving the slow cooker this winter - soup saves lives!
Enjoying movies at home with the husband while it's pouring outside

And one that I am certainly excited about...
Looking at opening an etsy store in the near future...Watch this space :)
(and now since I've published it on the world wide web, I better follow through on this. Sooo, if you don't hear anything else about this in the next few weeks, HIT ME UP ABOUT IT!)

Oh now please join in, that would surely make my day as I can be super curious too! Just copy and paste the bold words and write your own answers in a comment! :) Looking forward to learning more about you!


  1. eisley?! i love eisley! i never hear of people listening to them. shame, really.

  2. ♥ Reading Galatians... over and over again. So good.
    ♥ Listening to the work playlist and that's about it haha
    ♥ Watching lots of dvds now I have no current tv series to follow
    ♥ Drinking lots of water
    ♥ Eating home made baking! yay!
    ♥ Trying to get a good routine with housework and keep on top of it
    ♥ Saving for an iphone, spending money for the GC and our first home deposit
    ♥ Wanting it to be my birthday
    ♥ Wishing i was turning 22 again instead of 24!
    ♥ Loving catching up on X Men movies before the new one comes out this week
    ♥ Enjoying how my kittens double in size when they're cold in the mornings and they fluff themselves up to keep warm

  3. Ooh look forward to the etsy debut!

    Currently I am...
    ♥ Reading: And The Ass Saw The Angel (Nick Cave) - very dark but incredibly well written
    ♥ Listening to: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
    ♥ Watching: Mad Men Season 2
    ♥ Drinking: Twinings NZ Breakfast Tea
    ♥ Trying: to finish an english essay ...
    ♥ Saving for: the move back to london
    ♥ Wanting: to be moved back to london already!
    ♥ Wishing: I was a world reknowned author
    ♥ Loving: national geographic documentaries
    ♥ Enjoying: riding my bike in the sunshine when it peeps out occasionally


  4. I've definitely been enjoying watching movies at home too! It is so lovely to be snuggled up in a douvet watching a movie when it is so wintery and cold outside! And having a hot milo makes the whole situation even better!


  5. ♥ Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    ♥ Listening to: She & Him
    ♥ Watching: Not much of a TV person, but I do love Modern Family.
    ♥ Drinking: Pomegranate Tea
    ♥ Eating: Hummus, strawberries, and way too many golden oreos. :)
    ♥ Trying to: Defeat writer's block and make time for crafting.
    ♥ Saving for: Travels.
    ♥ Wanting: Summer!
    ♥ Wishing: I could travel anywhere, anytime.
    ♥ Loving: Wearing head-to-toe vintage to school.
    ♥ Enjoying: The beautiful weather!

    Have a lovely day! :)

  6. ♥ Reading Emma by Jane Austen
    ♥ Listening the new Fleet Foxes album - Helplessness Blues ('s very addictive)
    ♥ Watching Game of Thrones (it's so intense!)
    ♥ Drinking water and coffee
    ♥ Eating yogurt
    ♥ Trying to blog and tweet more regularly, ha!
    ♥ Saving for... not actually sure yet. Just saving.
    ♥ Wanting it to be Friday
    ♥ Wishing for good weather this summer (currently in Canada)
    ♥ Loving going to the beach on the weekend!
    ♥ Enjoying re-designing my blog and website like a dork 8-)

  7. ♥ Reading A Wild Sheep Chase by Huraki Murakami.
    ♥ Listening to Eisley, Fanfarlo, Tunng, Stevie Wonder.
    ♥ Watching my son Bertie...can’t take my eyes off him, or he’ll be up to mischief! I don’t really watch tv/movies.
    ♥ Drinking a nice cup of tea with soya milk and half a sugar.
    ♥ Eating cake (of course).
    ♥ Trying to make more time for things I like to do (hard with a one year old).
    ♥ Saving for some new clothes.
    ♥ Wanting some more sleep. Bertie sleeps terribly every night!
    ♥ Wishing for good things!
    ♥ Loving my new life in London.
    ♥ Enjoying my new home and my lovely little family.

  8. p.s. good to hear of another Eisley fan! :)

  9. ♥ Reading Anna karenina
    ♥ Listening to Bon Iver and my morning jacket
    ♥ Watching the Tree of Life
    ♥ Drinking homemade ginger soda
    ♥ Eating granola and salads
    ♥ Trying to finish processing a wedding
    ♥ Saving for Rinah
    ♥ Wanting Rinah
    ♥ Wishing Rinah will be home by her birthday
    ♥ Loving picnics
    ♥ Enjoying a day with a friend and her cutie baby

  10. Currently I am...
    ♥ Reading The Shack by William P. Young
    ♥ Listening to The Sounds (super fun to drive around to)
    ♥ Watching Glee (MY guilty pleasure!)
    ♥ Drinking Iced Coffee! (it's summer in the states, so I need something cold)
    ♥ Eating big breakfasts
    ♥ Trying to make lots of time for crafting/sewing
    ♥ Saving for a visit to NZ ;)
    ♥ Wanting a cool breeze on these hot days
    ♥ Wishing I could go to the beach
    ♥ Loving lazy afternoons
    ♥ Enjoying coffee dates with friends

  11. ♥ Reading: the arkansas pharmacy law book. boring i know, but i have to pass boards!
    ♥ Listening: to mumford and sons channel on pandora. love!
    ♥ Watching: reruns of the hills and weeds on the tv guide channel.
    ♥ Drinking: tons of water.
    ♥ Eating: leftover cakes from weddings and graduation.
    ♥ Trying: to pack and study while also getting a tan.
    ♥ Saving: for my flights to visit my boyfriend this next year.
    ♥ Wanting: this next year to fly by.
    ♥ Wishing: i did not have to study.
    ♥ Loving: the few days i have to work on a tan.
    ♥ Enjoying: graduating and moving on to the next phase of my life.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. ♥ Reading: harry potter (i've never read the series!!!! and i'm starting now)
    ♥ Listening to The Head and the Heart
    ♥ Watching my favorite korean drama on crunchy roll called "palace- princess hours"
    ♥ Drinking water water water
    ♥ Eating fried tacos
    ♥ Trying to be more organized in life
    ♥ Saving for a year-long trip next year
    ♥ Wanting the stuff i ordered to come in the mail already
    ♥ Wishing i could go to disneyland and ride the new little mermaid ride
    ♥ Loving the end of spring and beginning of summer stage right now
    ♥ Enjoying lazy days in the sun, and reading consistently again (finally!)

  14. Abbey I'm reading The Help too! Can't wait for the movie to come out!

    Follow my blog at :

    and check out my first giveaway! it's coach...

  15. ♥ Reading: nothing right now, which is bizarre!
    ♥ Listening to: adele
    ♥ Watching: friends
    ♥ Drinking: herbal teas to fight my cold
    ♥ Eating: comfort food
    ♥ Trying: to get through this week
    ♥ Saving: for a guitar
    ♥ Wanting: my best friend to come visit me already!
    ♥ Wishing: I was home in nz
    ♥ Loving: sugar
    ♥ Enjoying: the heater in my room (its so cold in melbourne!)

  16. I just posted my list on my blog. Hope that is alright. Check it out at

    Stephanie - I love Korean Dramas. Gotta check that one out stat!

    Also, Ilana, I wish it was rainy here. That sounds so lovely to cuddle up with a good book or movie. Sigh!

  17. i will play!

    ♥ Reading Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
    ♥ Listening to Clazziquai Project
    ♥ Watching Top Chef Season 8
    ♥ Drinking water to combat the summer heat!
    ♥ Eating homemade salads for lunch at work.
    ♥ Trying to upload all my photographs
    ♥ Saving for a possible trip to australia/new zealand this september!
    ♥ Wanting a new chair
    ♥ Wishing i had more time
    ♥ Loving the NEXT button for reading blogs
    ♥ Enjoying my time off during the week

  18. I love this! I love being a nosey blogger.
    I might blog this tomorrow :) Love love love your blog.

  19. ooh ive never tried chai tea.. ill have to give it a whirl :) your blog is simply lovely by the way! xo

  20. Currently I am...
    ♥ Reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. Wow! I'm about 1/5th of the way through and I am obsessed and can not put this book down.
    ♥ Listening to Wasting Light by the Foo FIghter, I am really liking this new album but why did the let a techno group remix one of their songs?
    ♥ Watching Sons of Anarchy season 3 and the Stanley cup finals, Go Canucks!!
    ♥ Drinking Pomagranate and grape tea with honey
    ♥ Eating a lot of homemade mexican and thai food
    ♥ Trying to learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator like a pro
    ♥ Saving for a snow trip to Wanaka. Aiming for late August, fingers crossed.
    ♥ Wanting the snow season to start already
    ♥ Wishing June with its end of financial year, work trainings and feild days was over. Busy busy busy around here.
    ♥ Loving the slow cooker and my new bed
    ♥ Enjoying relaxing at home with the punk while it's pouring outside


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