Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the bag.

I assume most of my readers are female, so we all know a handbag is a pretty scary thing sometimes. I have to clean mine out every once in a while and then end up finding the most bizarre collection of things in there which I've forgotten about! So I thought it would be interesting to show you all what I have stored in mine and in return, you must share yours!

Two free movie tickets - yuss! I think a date night is in order next week.
Scrunchie - I always need a back up for my hair.
A heap of film ready to be developed - took in two today, only three more to go *sigh*
My trusty notebook - I am lost without it, it has all my lists in there.
Tomorrow When The War Began DVD - Needs to be returned tomorrow, such a great movie.
Sprocket Rocket - This baby I am adament to get a lot of use out of.
My DKNY watch - I don't really store this in my bag...but needed something to fill that part of the photo haha!
And lastly my brand new Maroon nail polish which I am so in love with.

So I am curious to know...what's stored away in yours? And just out of curiousity, any male readers following? If so, my apologies for my female-handbag-inspired post. Maybe next week I will share with you what I find in my husband's man-bag!

Please leave me a link if you decide to do a share with us all what your hidden treasures have in a post, we would love to see! :)


  1. I love that you have unused movie tic in your bag, just waiting for a surprise! :)
    I have toy cars, baby wipes, chocolate, my purse, my phone, my work access card, a hair tie, a small notebook, a USB stick, bandaids, panadol and sticky tape in mine right now! Hrmm...

  2. I love these kinds of posts, it's so interesting seeing what everyone carries with them. I love your satchel, such a gorgeous colour! I just did one of these posts too xx

  3. I love these posts, I've been totally lusting after a Sprocket Rocket since my friend got one. x

  4. Ooo, I love this. I just blogged mine. I'm the same re:random stuff residing in my bag haha.

    ♥ your blog!

  5. I adore your bag itself...its so perfectly shaped and such a great color.
    Hope you are doing well, and having a great weekend!

  6. Love the nail polish! What brand is it? Wonder if I can find it in Sydney...

  7. This is a fairly late reply but i only just discovered your blog, which im loving btw. There was an article similar to this in an absolutley beautiful english magazine "Oh Comely" you might like;



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