Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winter Approaching.

(Allison Wells)

Colour fading. Cosy jumpers. Hot tea in all kinds of flavours. Blankets pulled up to your neck. Soup. Slow Cooker. Booties. Snow. Fuzzy beanies.

Finally, it feels like winter is approaching fast! Yesterday was the first day where the cold air pierced through my jacket and chilled my bones, and to tell you the truth, it got me a little bit excited as there is so much to look forward to this winter. Am I the only one that seems so fond of this season?

Just a heads up,  our internet is having a mental breakdown at the moment, so I am terribly sorry if I may a bit scarce! I do check my emails daily, so if you want to just pop by and say hi, you are more than welcome to :) Also, loving the photos that are already loaded up onto the Lomography & See Me Everywhere Competition flickr stream, there are some great ideas already! Looking forward to seeing what other great shots are going to be entered for this one.


  1. i think you might be alone on the loving winter whole bit...i ran away to hawaii so i could beat the canadian cold!

  2. Oh I absolutley adore winter. Autumn is my favourite season.It means winter is approaching and you have those icy cold crisp days with the still and clear blue skies.And all the beautiful orange leaves. And then you have the lovely snuggly month of Winter. There's something comforting about being cold and warming your body with delcious foods, and snuggly blankets.


  3. Gosh, I just love going into winter! There is nothing quite like being snuggled in under a douvet, and drinking a hot milo! Nom nom nom!


  4. I never have before but I am getting incredibly excited for this winter. We haven't had any cold days yet in SA though which is good as I am still searching for my perfect winter coat & then I should be all set for the coming season.

  5. I adore the winter for a month or two... but not more! But I love to see the tiny things that people loves to all the seasons and moments!
    The photos are just amazing!

  6. where is it that you live ? Its spring time here in the states.

  7. I love this post... winter is coming here, love the long socks and cup of tea. Its kinda sad being a girl really, but kinda amazing too :)

    wow I sounded a bit like I can't speak english just then!

    Hope easter was lovely x

  8. i love your blog and i will definitely come back. thanks for being you.

    iris orpi


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