Monday, April 18, 2011

All I want right now.


This pretty much sums up all I want right now! Today was actually the coldest day of my life so far, and there is nothing quite like coming home to warm woollies, a cup of tea, blogging, and enjoying a movie with leftover treats from yesterday's baby shower, bliss! I am planning for some more slowcooking meals, homemade soup and rasberry & peach herbal tea (which I tried for the first time this weekend, and loved!) to survive this week.


  1. We're not there yet but Winter is sure to arrive in the coming days or so over here.

  2. brr, i do not miss the freezing cold temperatures of winter! even though we are not in full on spring mode here yet, i am still thankful for the sun that warms even when it's only a few degrees outside.
    bundle up!

  3. soup are the best for winter cosy time.


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