Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Move.

Wow, so can I please have this house and all the interiors for my birthday? We are moving house on Friday and I must say I am rather excited to set up our little nook. When I saw this house featured by Jen from Made by Girl of Nicole's house from Me Oh My Mama, instantly I knew what I would love my house to look like!

We shall be moving into another cosy little home (which I have actually not seen yet), but that is all we need at the moment. I may be absent this weekend, as I am not sure if internet will already be set up, but hopefully I shall be able to share some pictures of our new home once it is set up.



  1. oh yay congrats. I'm slowly moving little bits and pieces into our new house and it's finally starting to look like a home. Can't wait til it all comes together and hopefully looks this good.

    All the best in yours!

    Bright Green Laces

  2. I'm a fairly new reader to your blog just stopping in to say hello! And congrats on the moving into a new space. How exciting to get the chance to start fresh and decorate. =)


  3. Good luck, I hope the move & all goes well (:

  4. Hello...I just saw your white shelving system on pinterest and would love to know where it came from?? Thank you:)


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