Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like a child.

(Gingerlilly Tea)

I've only just realized today how soon my birthday is coming up! It gives me a bit of a fright to think how quickly time has gone by, and how just yesterday I was still making tents and forts with blankets, building elaborate race tracks for cars with my cousin and enjoying the outdoors. Oh how that innocence is such a beautiful thing. Sometimes it would just be so nice to go back for a day, with no responsibility and no life worries, where everything is a wonderful adventure. I am just saying, sometimes I can get a bit caught up with everything and forget the preciousness of now.

So this is to the weekend ahead: time to relax, rewind and enjoy. I am looking forward to sleeping in with the husband, enjoying a night out to dinner, lunch with my parents and spending some quality time with the buns (hopefully that way she will learn to stop piddling on our bed!).

Happy weekend x


  1. i agree. it's crazy how time flies :( i guess it's both good and bad in a way :)

  2. time's flying so fast! i'm a little bitter about this at the moment because i don't want to turn 20! haha! lovely photos, so dreamy! x

  3. These pictures are so beautiful :D I have birthday soon too :D I'm turning 18 april 24th ;) that's the first day of easter :D

  4. these pictures seem to capture the feeling of growing up. Although it's hard to accept, the thought of time passing reminds you to live in the moment.

  5. That sounds like the perfect weekend.

    I turned seventeen today & I know it's a far cry from old but it's still a weird concept to grasp!


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