Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures of the bun bun.

This week has been a very exciting one so far.
Today Flopsy and I went to pick up Neil from his first week of observation (gone back to study secondary teaching) and I must say, it was quite an adventure for our little bun to come along for the joyride. Also, how sweet is this post by Milk & Lots of Sugar? A stunning feature of little Flopsy, our famous bunny :)

I also have a very, very exciting giveaway coming up on Thursday!! I am particularly fond of this little one, as it has something to do with something that I am truelly, madly, deeply in love with! Oh, I am absolutely horrible at giving hints, but let's see who can guess :)


  1. Oh Flopsy is just gorgeous. He's gonna be famous in the blogosphere by the look of things.

  2. naww i want a little hoppy bunny !

  3. oh holy crap you have the cutest rabbit i've ever seen, other than my own Juno of course!

  4. This just makes me want a bunny so badly!

  5. You looks like Katy Perry on the last photo :)


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