Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pilo Sale.

Hey guys, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun again, back with one more post!

Just a wee note to say I am in love with everything in the Pilo Sale shop on etsy. They make beautiful household items from notebooks to cushions, garlands and ornaments all with natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp and rocks. I also love the soft colour palate they use with creams, whites and soft browns. Beautiful!

Thanks for having me here Ilana!

Amanda Thomas
Here Comes the Sun


  1. so lovely light and fresh. i love this

  2. I love items on the first picture? What is it? pictures to hang on the wall or books?

  3. love the first image! i'm a sucker for birds. and books. thanks for introducing me to another great shop!

  4. absolutely.positively.gorgeous. thanks for introducing this store to us! i'm swooning over every piece.


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