Monday, February 14, 2011

In love with love.

Yay so happy Valentine's Day everyone! I cannot believe it came by so fast this time round, this year just needs to stop and chill out. Looking forward to a lovely dinner out with my Valentine, as it's another excuse to: one, go out for dinner; secondly, get dressed up and three, spend some good quality time with my love. What's everyone's plans today?

These are just a few pretty little things that I just found too sweet not to share for Valentine's Day :)

1. Giant Candelebra by Uncommon.
2. Doily Coaster by Uncommon.
3. In love with love by Virginia Kraljevic.
4. The Ladybird dress by Modcloth.
5. Valentine Paper Cut-out by Kind of Matter via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Have a wonderful day and love, love, love!

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