Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend & Happiness.

Yay my husband is home tonight! I finally have someone to snuggle, as I have been lonely the last two nights while he was away on work. And I must say, with him gone, I have been thinking so much about adding a little companion to our tomorrow, I think we are agreed to go look at little bunnies!!! How exciting, I think I could be a little obsessed!

Anyway, I found this amazing photographer Wemby, who's work I absolutely adore. These images I could all relate to, so thought I would share these specifically. I am particularly fond of the top image, as quite recently I bought myself a notepad with some great ink pens and have finally started drawing and doodling again.
...Maybe if you are lucky and when I am more confident, I will share some :)

Yay. Weekend. Happiness. Sunshine. Sleep in. Reading books. Being lazy. Green tea.


  1. a cute bunny as a pet?
    what a wonderful idea :)

  2. ooh what lovely photos
    and how nice to have someone to snuggle once again :)

  3. simply

  4. I always had rabbits growing up. I can't wait to meet the little bunny

  5. yah weekend, finally here and sounds like yours will be dreamy. love those photos, the deer sketch is awesome.

    awe, my boyf's brother has a pet bunny, they are just the sweetest. happiness to you on all this goodness! ♥


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