Tuesday, January 4, 2011


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So I have been thinking about New Year's Resolutions and how every year we seem to be making goals for ourselves, which in the end seems to be repeated years to come. So my question is, why are we so motivated at the start of the year and then get discouraged and completely forget our goals? Seems to me like New Year's Resolutions don't always stick (could just be me, I don't know) and the things we wanted to change, we fall back into the same pattern again.

This year, I really want it to be different. I am not sure how, but I know it needs to be different, as I don't want to repeat every year's resolutions. So here goes, my list for the year:

-Love more. Excessive, abundant love.
-Give more. My husband is the most generous guy. So want to be like him :)
-Be happier. What a difference this makes to the outcome of a day!
-Read more. I've almost finished both books I set out to read last year, so need to do the same this year.
-Go horseback riding on the beach.
-Get into designing and crafting my own range of dot dot dot (could be bags, jewellery, shirts, dresses, shoes, books....I don't know yet!)
-Do a tramp up a mountain.
-Redecorate my house.
-Take more photos. And hopefully buy some more cameras too!
-Book a holiday in Queenstown again.

That's just a few I suppose, I guess there are many more things I would love to accomplish next year :) Who else has already made a list or do lists? Any of you that don't make a list? So curious to know your thoughts! Anyway, tomorrow is the husband and I's three year anniversary so will be away to share a day away with the babe.



  1. love these <3


  2. Lovely resolutions! x


  3. Beautiful resolutions. I don't always make a list however I did this year but nothing to hectic. I don't want to stress myself out trying to achieve certain things.

  4. ILANA! We should all go horseback riding! Ever since i mentioned it to rachel this one time.. she's been wanting me to take her ever since!

  5. Resolutions are tough to make and sometimes tougher to keep! You have to keep them reasonable and attainable and yours are beautifully done.


  6. these are great to live by everyday!

    i just discovered your blog and i'm in love with it, very inspirational!

  7. hello! i am visiting from i art u!! you have a very pretty blog and your resolutions are great!! i think being happier, thinking happier, and even just smiling can put you in a better mood when you are down!! :)


  8. My resolutions are pretty defined, but that's probably the only way I'll keep them. I plan to post on my blog every day, take a picture and upload on my tumblr every day for 365 project, and take part in something called Project Restyle (link on my blog). I might just have to add a few of yours to my list as well ;). The photos for this post are lovely, I especially love the banner in the first one.


  9. great post and inspiring resolutions!
    found you at 'i art u' - lovely blog ;)

  10. i have a new years resolution to draw something everyday.


  11. i really appreciate your resolutions - they're all very touching :)


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