Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Closer now.

(Garrett Lockhart)

Hello lovelies!
So I am now officially back after a week away at the beach, being lazy in the sun, taking dips by waterfalls and watching to see who can spot the first shooting star or satellites. It's been a great break! So now back into full swing for the year :)

Got lots and lots planned for this year, so keep peeping over for some crafty little projects heading this way! Yesterday I equipped myself with a brand new handmade/design book for inspiration, a cutting board and scalpel (oooh might attempt some paper cuttings!) and a brand spanking new drawing book.

So my pretties, what would you all like to see more of on here?


  1. im so glad you're back! welcome!
    what I would like to see more of would be just posts in general. witty things you heard, inspiration, more photos etc. just because i love reading new posts and being inspired by others

  2. I want to see all of the above, sounds brilliant!

    Your holiday sounds like the perfect break.

  3. Yaaaaay I want to see more of your own work and more of your freebies like the desktop backgrounds and what not :) Yay!

  4. Is there a new layout going on here or am I imagining things? I feel like SOMETHING is different but I can't pinpoint what..

  5. i'm a new follower and have been loving looking through all your wonderful posts. the illustrations and cute little accessories are perhaps my fave but pretty much this whole place rocks. way to keep it unique lades. ♥


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