Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am living in bliss right now. Our little Flopsy has been with us for two nights now and she is just the most darling bunny! I never thought I could fall even more in love with her, she has proven to make the husband and myself so very happy :)

I have been very fortunate as well to keep finding these stunning photographers. This is Erin M., a sixteen year old with an eye for a good shot! She also has a tumbler, so make sure you have a look there too.

Anyone else had any exciting things happen this weekend? I am so stoked, my father in law handed down the very first camera he ever owned, which was his dad's originally! *gasp* It's an old Minolta film in it's original case and apparently still works. So, keen to get that puppy dusted off and shoot some film!


  1. These photographs are stunning! very excited for you and that camera :)

  2. Wow, these photos are lovely! My dad gave me his fathers camera not so long ago, it's a beauty!

  3. these photos are awesome! have fun with the new camera :)

  4. Og!! Its gorgeus!!
    Each day one sorprise!!!
    What blog so creative!! Congratulations
    I like so much. Very original. I´ll write about you in mine.
    Kisses from Madrid

  5. that camera sounds wonderful!
    and these are beautiful photos.
    my weekend was full of long play rehearsals and birthday parties! not a bad weekend at all :)


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