Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh my!

Say how you really feel with this adorable brooches by Amy Blasco. I could think of plenty more phrases through would be appropriate (or maybe not so much?) to put on these, how cute. Such handy phrases to use in so many different situations, such as:

"Woah! Looking forward to this weekend!"
"Oh my! You mean I get to wear all this jewellery?"
"Goodness, baking Christmas gingerbread men is going to be exciting!"

See? Handy! And all of these statements being so true! Will be off, off and away this weekend to my brother's engagement party tomorrow night then off to Cathedral Cove for my dear friendie poo's birthday (psssst Emma's birthday is Saturday, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).

Happy weekend x


  1. Your little example sentences really made me laugh! These are so clever!

    Have a lovely weekend (:

  2. these are so cute and so much fun! love them!


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