Monday, December 13, 2010

I love your blog.

(Rory Cole)
I really, really, really would like a bunny like this for Christmas. Thank you very much.

So sweet, Laura from See Hear Say has tagged me in her "I love your blog" prize and I have to say I am completely flattered and honoured! So here we go, I am going to attempt to answer these questions for you :)

the rules of the prize are:
- do an entry with the prize.
- answer the questions.
- give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. why did you create the blog?

I won't lie, it took me a while to get into blogging. Amanda initially got me into it, but I gave up after a few months as life just got busy. Then when things slowed down again and inspiration started to stir, I needed some way to "scrapbook" all the ideas I was getting and blogging seemed to be the easiest and most convenient way to store all my ideas and inspirations. It's fascinating then to find that in return, these inspire others.

2. what kind of blogs do you follow?

Oh dear, I follow blogs that have similar taste as mine I suppose. There are so many incredible ones out there, but the ones that display the best originality and are unique capture me the most.

3. favorite makeup brand?

I am not particular about brands. Give me anything that looks good and I will be fine with it :)

4. favorite clothing brand?

Again, I don't really stick to brands too much. I must say, my favourite, most worn dress is an $5 op shop find with no label.

5. your indispensable makeup product:

Mascara!! Oh what would I do without my mascara :)

6. your favorite color:

I'm trying to venture out and try new colours, as I have been stuck in black and white for so long. My favourites change with the seasons, so at the moment they are peach, mint and a dusty pink. Loving the pastels.

7. your perfume:

My favourite is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

8. your favorite film:

Okay, I am a bit of a kid and a cheeseball but Beauty & the Beast will always be one of my ultimate favourites!

9. what country would you like to visit and why?

Too many for so many reasons. The Greek Islands - I've always wanted to use a donkey as transportation up those hills on the cobbled streets and sleep with the windows wide open overlooking the ocean. Israel - the history of this place is just spectacular, I cannot imagine the emotions that would well up walking along the paths and streets that are forever written in history. And this is just silly, but one day I would love to spend Christmas in New York and share in on the fun of white Christmas!

10. make the last question and answer to yourself: how would you describe your perfect saturday?

Sleeping in. Having breakfast at this cute little French cafe. Off to a day at the beach/snow (depending which season it is) and documenting the trip with the Diana. Returning home to make our traditional braai (bbq) with all of our close ones. And to top it off, share around the fire with cigar and whiskey (as the boys would do it) but my preference being Baileys. Ah the perfect Saturday!

and the 10 blogs i give the prize to:

but honestly//here comes the sun//polli//kelli murray//tornadoes and tigers//andrew & carissa//pugly pixel//eat drink chic//i art you//that unreliable girl


  1. nah thanks for tagging me as your favourite top 10 ilavan means allot !! xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i'm glad you played along! what a perfect saturday!! and oh gosh, white christmas in New York? silly? of course not!! me wants too!! :)

  4. oh congrats :) ur blog is beautiful

  5. why am i just seeing this?! you are amazing!! thanks for including me! i hope to do this after the craziness of the holiday season ends!!

    hope you are well ilana!


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