Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December.

Oh hello there December, how lovely it is to see you again!

YAY! I feel I can finally share some Christmas goodies with you since it is officially Christmas time now! Wow, this year has gone by WAY TOO FAST, but I can atleast say that it has been a stunner of a year :) Okay, okay, I won't bore you with my excitement of Christmas time, but I do want to share these incredibly adorable doily decorations with you from I Wanna Be. How can you resist these? I adore the bunny and deer and would get them just to leave around my house and look pretty and cute.


  1. These are just lovely. I'm having a serious bunny phase at the moment. They are just so adorable!

  2. I love your pictures Ilana simple and pretty

  3. Oh my!! They're all gorgeous - I want them ALL! (they very much fit with my woodland animal obsession).


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