Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love you more than all the stars.

(shanna murray via oh so beautiful paper)

How absolutely gorgeous are these window and wall decals by Shanna Murray? I love the idea of the decal frames on walls! Especially since I am building up a collection of my 120 film shots (which I don't have an album for), I think this would be the perfect idea for displaying them.

Has anyone starting thinking of Christmas yet? I am not sure whether I should take up the challenge of making gifts this year (I did a few last year) as time seems to be ticking and apparently there's only 6 weeks to go! Truelly frightful.

Will be needing ideas soon!


  1. I have the "you are loved" decal, another blogger sent it to me a few months ago! I love it but I'm saving it for our own home before I use it.

  2. I can't remember where, but I know I've seen the "I love you more than all the stars" pic before....I love the poem that it comes from :-)

  3. Oh, these are just beautiful! I've been thinking about Christmas but I haven't done anything yet. I think I'll make a few little gifts but I definitely won't go over the top.

  4. I think that if you want to do gifts by your self you need to start now, I have already started with Christmas shopping, today I slept in my Christmas pijamas and I'm listening to Christmas songs on spotify =)


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