Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fancy treehouse.

So as you all probably know by know, it's slowing becoming warmer as we get closer to summer here on this side of the world, and oh boy I cannot wait! I've been trying to save my pennies ready for a big shopping splurge when we go down to Wellington in a couple of weeks. So I've been eyeing out ideas for outfits, accessories, shoes and sunnies that I need to hunt down when we get down there.

Great timing for me to come across this awesome Lookbook by Coury Combs. I adore the style and layering of pieces and accessories. The shoes, the belt, the bag, the just works so incredibly well together! And this time round, I want to be adventurous and try an orange/peach dress like the one featured above. Not sure if I would suit it, but I do want to try!

And so it's long weekend, hope you have a special time! Make sure to check out my fashion giveaway Sunday, which closes at the end of the week :)


  1. im a winter lover, but i must admit it was quite nice in adelaide today. so sunny and a breezy 28 degrees!!!

  2. I love this girl, she is amazing! & so is that floral skirt in the first picture!

  3. Fancy Treehouse is divine...!

    Love these photos - I'm seeing this girl everywhere at the moment!



  4. I love love love the color scheme in the third set. Cream and lavender, oh my!


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