Monday, September 6, 2010

Eggs, Bacon, Tea and Coffee

(Mr PS)

Lately I have been thinking about putting my design and art skills to use and get some pretty crafty things done up. Then I stumbled across this beautiful etsy shop with the sweetest creations themed around the kitchen and groceries. How lovely! I feel inspired to start crafting my ideas together and actually implementing them.

Also, how do you like my new layout?
Something a bit simpler, more colourful. I've been feeling a change coming for a long time, and finally had a free afternoon to do it. I have also reactivated my Twitter account from yonks ago, so make sure you keep posted to that too. If you have twitter, make sure you pop down your link so I can follow :)


  1. love the new look, specially your header!

  2. i love your new look, so pretty :)

  3. Love your layout! That header is beautiful. These things are really nice, and making me crave fish and chips.

  4. Oh, I love the new layout! I noticed it as soon as the browser opened.

  5. Great layout, I hope to do something similar myself but I have yet to find a template. I really like the header especially.

    And how great is the Fancy a brew? print? Thanks for sharing and follow me on

  6. Ooh, thanks for featuring my work on your lovely blog.


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