Thursday, September 2, 2010

David Urbanke: Fashion Photographer

I am not normally one to do fashion posts, but this photographer caught my eye. David Urbanke has a really amazing story on how his career got started. In 2007 David, for the first time, picked up a digital camera, started taking photos and posting it on flickr. He had such a great response from the website that he is now working for top agencies Ford, Next, Elite and others. And to top it off....he is only sixteen!

See more of his work on
official website

I guess age is no excuse now a days to accomplish your dreams.



  1. These photos are lovely and magical. Young talent!

  2. He's great... The photos are great too.

  3. Gorgeous photographs! Especially love the third one where the model is wearing the yellow dress and the sun is setting!

  4. That is so amazing. There seems to be an increase in young and very successful photographers at the moment. Gorgeous photos.

  5. I love your blog - and am now following :) I did a post on David Urbanke a few months ago - he is just so talented!

  6. In love with that belted dress


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