Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today could be the day.


Hello lovelies.
Well as you may know, we have officially opened our beautiful little boutique store! I may sound like a broken record, but I am absolutely in love with it! I want to take a sleeping bag with me and just live in our cute store :) So have had my hands full this past week, but I hope you have been enjoying the lovely photography posts I have been doing this last week.

Will post some photos of our store very shortly! Keep in touch everyone, I will be back into the swing of blogging shortly and cannot wait to catch up on all your beautiful posts I have been missing out on :)

What's been the excitement of your last week?



  1. Can't wait for the photos, how exciting!
    And the photo is lovely...

  2. congrats!! can't wait to see thar pics!!

  3. these are such gorgeous images, well done on opening a store - that's wonderful!

  4. i so loved your guest post at daydream lily :) happy to have discovered your blog!


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