Monday, August 23, 2010

Here's to Love.

(heather h photography found via ruffled)

Love is such a beautiful thing. It starts with a small spark and along with time it is something that can completely consume you. Heather captures the youthful joy and simplicity in her couple and wedding photos that I absolutely adore. And the tones are stunningly beautiful against the backdrops.

This Much Love Monday, there are only a few things that I particularly love:

{I love LOVE} Like I said, it is such a beautiful thing! And it always GROWS!
{I love and adore my hubby} More than ever, this last week, I have been falling in love with him all over again!
{I love my relationships} My family is part of my core and I can't go without them. My friends, ah we share such amazing relationships! We all grew up together, got married together, and sometime (in the near future I hope!) will be growing families together.
{I love my Daddy} Wow, He never ceases to amaze me :) He is so, so good!

I am feeling a bit teary eyed after this post. So here's to LOVE this Monday :)



  1. These are so beautiful and adorable:)

  2. Ooh love the pictures!

    Annnd yayy our friends are amazingggg :)

  3. I'M feeling teary-eyed after reading this post... in SUCH a good way!

  4. here's to love indeed! :) sweet photos!

  5. what a beautiful 'much love monday' - here's to LOVE! XX

  6. here's to LOVE! xx
    beautiful post.

  7. what a sweet post. its amazing how the heart softens and grows when we take time to remember the things we love.

  8. Oh, so beautiful! I love this.

    And I just found your blog and I loove it! :) I'm your newest follower.

  9. Love is the best thing ever. Your photos are lovely.

  10. LOVE your post ~ the photos are super and your love list is great. Love is one of those things that needs to be experienced more so than spoken. It comes from the soul and covers such an array of emotions.


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