Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warm me up.


I am chilled to the bone. True statement.
I guess no one really likes a broken record, but boy, I am cold! I think my temperature actually dropped looking at these photos, but I thought these are such beautiful pictures that capture the feel of winter for me. Now all I need is a nice warm, snuggly, knitted jersey like in the top photo.

So my winter loves (because I do love winter....just not so much the cold!):
- Snuggling up to the hubby at night time with the electric blanky
- Homemade soup!!!
- Sitting beside the fire reading a book
- Scarves! Lots of beautiful, thick, colourful scarves!
- Snoooooowboarding! Counting down till we get to go to the snow! :)

I WILL make this winter be worth it!



  1. la tercer foto es mi favorita, me gustó mucho el reflejo y la posición.


  2. I really need my temperature to drop right now. So hot where I am at, and no air conditioning! Gah.

  3. We're in the middle of summer madness, with hot weather {yes, it's pretty much a miracle that we finally have some hot days in here!}, lots of ice creams, and summer picnics in the park. So it's hard to imagine it's so chilly in NZ.

    Take care and keep warm and cozy!

    P.S. Thank you for your comment on my blogpost, pistachio ice cream is BLISS! {although I can imagine you wouldn't even think of ice creams at this moment!} :)

  4. Oh, and did I say I LOVE these images? They're beautiful!

  5. LOVE these pictures, the second one is my favorite.


  6. I love these images---so simple, yet so striking & they convey so much emotion. Well done!


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