Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for tea


As the cold weather sets in, and the temperature slowly starts to drop, I find myself craving a good cup of green tea even more!

The first time I tried a herbal tea was about two years ago, that my lovely friend made me a white tea, and oh boy, did I regret that! All it looked like and tasted like, was something that I would rather not think about drinking! So after that experience, I never thought I would try it again... until one cold morning last year that same friend (thanks Amanda!) made me try a green tea with peppermint and I think that may have been the turning point for me. I confess, I am still not that adventurous...I only like my green tea with rasberry, but it is a start :)

So here is to the start of the tea drinking season, and I will drink to that!

Any recommendations for me to try some yummy new teas?



  1. BEAUTIFUL! love the plates ~ love the suger bowl! you are amazing ~ how do you find these things? ;)

  2. so pretty, I has a growing collection of vintage crockery

  3. Ooh so lucky! I am always on the lookout for some pretty things for my home...eventhough my hubby has caught on and I am not allowed to buy anything for the house until we move into a bigger place one day! :P

  4. love love love those plates! i want!


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