Monday, June 21, 2010

Snuggle up and get cosy.


Happy Monday everyone!

It's that time again to join in on Much Love Mondays! I had to think long and hard to choose a couple things that I am loving right now, as there are so many to choose from!

-Today especially, I am loving some sun rays peeking through the rainy clouds just in time as I put my washing up! Thank you sunshine, I appreciate you on these cold winter days!

-I am loving movie nights at home! Tonight we are watching Book of Eli, so looking forward to snuggling under a blanky with a nice warm coffee to satisfy my craving for a good movie.

-I am loving hot toasty fires! Big ups for the hubby for chopping wood every night so our home can be nice and warm. I can hear him chopping wood downstairs as I am typing. So grateful!!

P.S. Awh, just as I was about to post this, it started raining :( So much for dry washing!


  1. haha our love monday posts are very similar!!

  2. This is pretty!!! nice you are having a nice monday :)

  3. love the last photo! :)
    thanks for your lovely comment btw! :)


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