Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never bored in a barn.


Sometimes I wish I wasn't married yet, so I could totally redo my wedding - but I do love being married!! Don't get me wrong! :) ! There are so many amazing inspiring weddings that the options are endless when it comes to venues, themes, table settings etc.

This is so far one of my favourites - a barn wedding! Enjoy these and be inspired for all you future brides.



  1. hey my love,

    not sure what sizing you're using for your pics at the moment but if you're using the code the same way i do: (img src="" width="600") (p.s i did that with brackets instead of <> because otherwise it won't let me post the comment) or whatever, maybe try a smaller width cause with the new layout part of your pictures is getting cut off. hope that makes sense!

    luffff yewww

    p.s just noticed this isn't with my blog account but couldn't be bothered signing out and in and retyping!

  2. Awh thanks hun! I noticed that with the two smaller ones I had, eep! Will start doing that :) What size do you make yours at the moment?

    Thanks my love!
    <3 back to ya!



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