Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am grateful.

These last few weeks has been filled with the busy-ness of life as all would know, but in between the midst of the craziness, there has been the precious drops of pure joy that's been flooding my life, like this week I was spoilt with some beautiful flowers from my hubby, "just because".

So I thought I would take a minute just to step back and have a look at the things that I am most grateful for.

1. The Babe. My one and only :)

2. Winning this beautiful fine print by In Most Light.

3. Co-owning the most beautiful little boutique jewellery store.

4. My family. In the past few weeks, I have become so aware that my family has been extended way beyond just blood relatives. I have so many friends that we have been bonded together with, and the only bond that I can explain this with, is family.

5. Grace. Grace. Grace. I cannot emphasize this word enough. In our home, which consist of my hubby, our two best friends, our boarder, the beast (which is our friends' most precious almost-3-year old girl) and the puppy (I know, busy household, right?) we have decided to weekly hold "Grace Feasts" where we lavish out the most extravagant meal (also a contest to see who can cook the best meal!) and just be grateful and live in THE Grace.

I am most grateful.

I know I never really write that much on my blog, but this has really inspired me this week, so what are you most grateful for?

Have a happy long weekend.



  1. I am grateful for my beautiful friends and cupcakes :)


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