Monday, June 14, 2010

Fly me back to the days of fairy dust and magic carpets

As a part of joining in on the Much Love Mondays, this week I am remembering the things I love and treasure about my childhood.

I loved:

-Spending days in the swimming pool in the hot African summers. Riding as a gang with the kids from your street to the closest dairy for the best ice creams in town! Climbing over the fences and sneaking in to get to the university's epic pool. Going down to the train tracks and put gold coins on the track. Once the train has passed over the track, the coin is smooth (Naughty though I know!).

- 10 hour long car trips to the ocean, it was a once a year trip and it was amazing! We used to play a game that the first person to see the ocean gets a $1. Family holidays were truelly the best. I value family so much and a stable family really does save your life and pave your future.

- Innocence. The days where watching "Married with Children" was not allowed in our house as it had adult content. The days where the only two words you would say to your boyfriend was "hi" and "bye" as you handed him a note with your feelings on it. The days where music videos had tacky dressed boys and conservative girls on it...which we have now traded in for lust-driven men and erotic girls. The days where you were felt so old when your parents said yes to you having a sip of their beer.

I know I am still young, but when I look at the kids these days, I get scared about how fast people are growing up. Is it worth trading in innocence so early? Is there still such a thing as a childhood and when does childhood end? So many questions that clouds my mind about matters such as these.

What are you best memories?



  1. How nice!! my best memories when a kid were all the trips with my parents! and also all the places i visited with my ex... we were together for a long time and we did so many things together... bittersweet

  2. this is so sweet. Thank you for doing a Much Love Monday post! You should add this blog post to the Linky on my blog, so everyone can see it :)

    I love childhood memories. Some of my favourite memories are of going to the market every Sunday with my parents to buy sweets, giggling with my best friends over nonsense, glancing at my first crush who was glancing and smiling right back (oh those butterflies in the stomach!). Those were the days :)

  3. Naww cute Ilana, I just posted on my blog the memories of having that first love as a little child. Pretending to get married and playing on the playground together. So CUTE!

  4. "Those were the days..." :)

    Thanks Anna, I've just linked it on your post, a bit delayed, but it's there now.



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