Monday, May 24, 2010

There's an elephant in the room

My favourite animal at the moment would have to be an elephant! I think they are totally adorable with their giant ears, and long curly snout. I got thinking about elephants when we started to refer our puppies ears to that of Dumbo (he's a Spaniel, with ears that hang to the floor!). So I found these beautiful prints by Trafalgar. They are perfect for the season I am in at the moment, as everyone around me seem to be pregnant, and these prints would go beautifully in a baby's room!

Don't worry, I don't think I am clucky yet! However, I am getting more and more ideas for my little mini-me's room, the pretty little things I would dress them up in and awesome activities that will become tradition in our house! :)

So watch out, there will be a baby post coming up soon!



  1. Cute dolla, I think you might be past the clucky stage lol.. These are so adorable! :) I love how you refer to it as "mini me"

  2. The top one is the cutest ! you'd make the most wonderfullest mum ever ! is that even a word ? :p

  3. oh those elephants are the cutest things, love the first one! I don't knwo about you but everyone around me are having babies( or getting married) it seems to be that season of life!

  4. hi!! thanks for the post on Maiden.
    i looove elephants! these are such cute illustrations of them!!

  5. I love this so much, absolutely adorable! Thank you for posting!


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