Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dreaming awake


Ever had the feeling when your not sure whether your awake or dreaming? That's what last night was like! I've come down with the flu and confused pretty much the whole night thinking I'm dreaming, but in fact I am awake.

But after a nice day under the blankets, chicken soup and endless cups of coffee, and some DVD's, I am feeling much better! I guess winter is finally here?

Luckily a day at home meant I had the chance to find these beauties by SunnyMary. Can you believe she is only 18?! So inspired!

So back the bed I go :) Enjoy lovelies!



  1. What a talent she is, amazing images!
    Hope you're better soon, if it's any help I've spent my every waking hour the last 36 yrs in a dream world! :P
    Sarah xxx

  2. incredible! her use of light and ropes and soft dresses, beautiful work! (I hope you get better soon)

  3. soo pretty ilavan!! your blog looks so good!

  4. I love these dreamy pictures! Great work!



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