Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daydreaming about a home.

(found at home-designing via graphic exchange)

Is it wrong to be dreaming about my future home already?

It's hard not too when you stumble upon these beauties! Why not start early then? The hubby and I have already decided we want our first home to be built (my brother in law is a tiler, so has the building contacts!) so might as well start collection inspiration! If you come across any lovely interior sites, please throw it my way! :)

I love pretty interiors :)



  1. Oh so have I! Just bought a place with no money to decorate/furnish but a girl gan dream of spectacular things

  2. thats so exciting, i can't imagine how awesome it would be to fully have your own property! i loveeee the second picture!

  3. Oh I love the interiors gorgeous! I have had a look at thats always fun to browse thru!

  4. Pixelhazard - DIY! Do it :) go to opshops and markets to find some cheap beauties you can turn into glam! You are so so lucky to be owning your own place :)


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