Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 Things...

How exciting! I have been tagged by Polli to do the 8 List! So here goes:

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Missions trip to Mozambique! Working in an orphanage under Heidi Baker's ministry!

2. Having a little bubby! Cannot WAIT!... but unfortunately must. One more year for the hubby to study!

3. Moving into our new house! Yay for 3 bedroom homes :)

4. Getting a tattoo for our 2nd year anniversary.

5. Getting new creative projects up and running.

6. Working from home!!! YAY!

7. The snow to start falling so we can make a trip down to the slopes.

8. To go to Queenstown again.

8. Things I did yesterday

1. Made dinner. Oh so scrumptious!

2. Designed a flyer for a Marriage course.

3. Woke up to Neil having a cough attack last night.

4. Read an amazing book! "Dreaming with God" by Bill Johnson.

5. Played indoor netball with the gang.

6. Battled it out on Ricks iPhone playing Flight Simulator. So darn addictive, I must get myself an iPhone just for that game!

7. Bought my father in law a gift.

8. Eyed up the new boots I want for winter.

8. Things I Wish I could do

1. Work from home now.

2. Be creative every moment of the day and getting paid to do it.

3. See miracles happen everyday.

4. Travel the world without having to save up for years.

5. Have a baby now. (Haha okay, so I am clucky!)

6. Redecorate my house with everything from Redcurrent, French House, Early Settler and Home Sweet Home.

7. Buy someone a very expensive gift just to bless their socks off.

8. Never grow old.

8. Things you watch recently

1. Everything is Spiritual

2. Shortland Street

3. Mr and Mrs Smith (Thanks Amanda and Jeremy!)

4. 17 Again

5. Like 1/2 of Die Hard (don't know which one, it was just in the background!)

6. Band of Brothers.

7. Chocolat

8. Friends

8. Things I Love

1. My hubby

2. Jesus! Oh boy is He fun to hang with!

3. Being creative.

4. Being silly and not caring what people think.

5. My 2nd home, Life Church Hamilton!

6. Hot brownies with ice cream

7. Puppies.

8. Happy snapshots taken when you don't realize it.

So I now I want to find out more about you! I tag:

1. You and Me

2. Here Comes the Sun

3. La La

4. rachelhope

5. Maiden Threads
Photo credits: Image 1: Eveline Tarunadjaja, Image 4: Olivia Bee


  1. awe everything you wrote sounds so lovely. "everything is spiritual" is so cool!

    thanks for tagging me <3

  2. You know what Ilana, I already felt like i knew most of these things about you. Insain! I encourage the babies though. Rachel and you can be pregnant together! From Dane.

  3. oooh yay! thanks for the tag!
    i will do it as soon as i get these damn assignments out of the way!
    have a lovely day!! x

  4. i took this lovely hot hot shot of you purdi things!


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